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Lesbian Sex In Hostel Room

by veraphillipi ⌂, United States, Thursday, September 01, 2016, 07:19 (139 days ago)

Hai all. This is jennifer back again with another real story. This incident happened last week. This is my second story here. I am posting this as I got very good response to my previous story. I am sorry if there are any mistakes. Drop a mail if you have any suggestions and complaints. Thanks for the overwhelming response to my previous post. I hope this one is better than my previous. Boys, get ready to shake your cocks, girls get ready to rub your pussies.

Coming to the story, I am a 20 yr old female from bangalore studying in a reputed college in coimbatore. My stats are 34-36-34. Fancy isn’t it? The other girl stats are 36-38-34. She is a sex bomb in out hostel. Since I am away from home, I stay in hostel. There was induction program or what you call the freshers party for the first years by our seniors. It all went well. 90% of the girls in my hostel wear only shorts and skirts. A few roam around only in their bra and panty. It was a lovely site to look at.

On a Sunday, I decided to stay back in hostel as I was not in a mood to go out with my boyfriend. I was wearing a short that just covered my ass. It was bought by my boyfriend as he loves seeing me in shorts. I was wearing a sleeveless top. I was watching tv in my room when sharika came and called me to her room as she was bored since her roommate has gone to her home. We were watching movie in sun tv and it was boring. She told that she has american pie movie. We started watching it. All went smoothly until the real sex scene came. We were so engrossed in tv. We both were high watching such scenes. There was lesbian sex scenes. I had failed in many attempts to make her a lesbian, but all in vain. This time, she herself gave it to me. I love her pussy and her smell. She is actually a conservative type who does not talk with guys. I even succeeded in making her sleep with my boyfriend. Here it goes. I will post as conversations as it will be easy for you to understand.

S: how do they act nude in front of others? Wont they feel shy?

Me: I don’t think they will. In our hostel itself there are so many girls walking like that in midnight.

S: but still lesbians is different.

Me: I know. Have you ever tried like that?

S: chi. No. I don’t like lesbians.

Me: I guess it will be fun. Were you turned on by looking at those scenes?

S: ya. But still.

Me: y dont we try? ( saying this i put my hands on her thighs. Her body shivered)

S: are you sure?

Me: yea babe. We will give it a try. If you don’t like it, we will stop.

She was silent. I placed my hands on her thighs and went up slowly to her pussy and started rubbing it from above her shorts. She let out a loud moan and started breathing heavily. I placed my other hand in her breast and pressed it slowly. She slowly got turned on and placed her hands directly over my pussy. I slowly went near and kissed her lips. It was a lovely experience for both. We smooched for almost 10 minutes. Slowly I put my hand in her top. She was not wearing a bra. Her nipples was erect. I removed her top and started sucking her nipples. It was amazing. She then removed my top and my shorts. She herself removed her shorts. We both were only in our panties now.

I slowly slid my hands inside her pussy and started rubbing it fast. She got too horny and just lied down in my bed with her eyes closed. I removed her panties fully and smelt the wetness. Mesmerizing it was. I went down and kissed her pussy. She gave out a loud moan. I removed my panty too. We went to 69 position and was licking each other’s pussy badly. Just then my boyfriend called. I told what is happening. He too got horny hearing this and asked me to record it and show him live on Skype. By the time I set my mobile in correct position, he too got naked there. We both were moaning badly and was about to cum. By then my boyfriend couldn’t control and he let his cum out. We tasted each other’s juices. We lay in bed exhausted. My boy friend again called me and said us both to come to his house to have a threesome.

I will continue what happened next in the next part. My boyfriend is very possessive on me and he did not want me to enjoy with other guys and so he made me a lesbian. I am opposite to him. I let many girls sleep with him. But he has sex only with me and the girls I take for lesbian sex. I have almost replied everyone who had emailed me their suggestion. I just have a small request to you all guys.

If any guy is asking for my number, I will give only my bf number. Try to convince him. If he is ok, we can have fun. Any lesbians in coimbatore who are willing to have sex with me and my boyfriend, email me at There are lots in store for you ladies. Waiting to have sex with a girl again. See you in the next part. Me and my boyfriend even had sex in highway on our way to bangalore. Return journey was much more fun as there were 3 girls along. We did everything possible in our can and in highway. Will tell you all that later…. I hope I made all the dicks raise and pussies wet.

Hope you all cummed at least once.

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