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The Unexpected Incident

by veraphillipi ⌂, United States, Monday, August 29, 2016, 06:09 (142 days ago)

Let me introduce myself

I am Lavanya. I am 22 fair girl just completed my graduation. I have a quite curvy body structure of 32b-28-34. Boys usually stare at my body and comment. I feel happy on hearing those comments and just put an angry face.

Coming to my incident,this happened after 2 years from joining in my graduation.

Life was quite simple and good going. We were a gang of 4 girls who were my hostel mates. We used to bunk the classes and go to places for refreshment.

So i completed my 2nd year of graduation. And we packed our luggage for vacation. Luckily all our friends were booked. At the last moment my ticket was cancelled because i was already in waiting list.

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So i need to stay one more day in the hostel. All the people vacated the hostel. I was the only girl. That night our hostel incharge visited our hostel as there was a circuit board problem. Our in-charge is about 40. Quite muscular and good looking. I didnt notice our in-charge coming. I decided to take a shower and go for eating. Since there was nobody in the hostel. I kept the clothes in the room itself and i took only the towel with me.

I finished my bath and on my way to my room i didnt cover my body with the towel. I was naked. I was drying up my hair. May be our in-charge might noticed me like that. I came room and i wore my dress. Suddenly i heard a sound from washroom. I went worrying. I cant believe my eyes. Our in-charge was shaking his tool. I was stunned. Suddenly he noticed me but didnt stopped his shaking. I dont know what to do that time. I was just watching his tool. It was around 8 inch long.

He called me. He said “lavanya. What are you doing in the hostel?” i said “sir,my ticket was cancelled since i was in waiting list”. He said “well then, i saw you walking nude after your bath. What a structure you have”. I was shocked and also I was feeling happy inside but my face was looking worried on fear. He called me near to him.I went there unknowingly. He asked me to help him. I was getting frightened. I said ” sir, i cant”. I wanted to rush to my room.

When I was leaving he caught my hand. He dragged me and made to put my hand on his tool. Oh my God. It was my first time touching a boys tool. It was so hard and so big. He made my hand to move up and down his tool. I continued to do. I could not resist that. While i was doing this, He grabbed my left breast from my t shirt. He started pressing it. This was also my first time.He asked me the size. I told him 32. He said “no way. I dont believe. Let me see it”. He then removed my t-shirt and started measuring with his palm internally pressing them. I was feeling good. I was wet down. He noticed it and removed my track pants. I was only on bra and panty. I was struggling to cover my parts. He completely removed his pants. I was staring at his tool.

He then took me to my room and made me lay on the bed. He way lying on me. His tool was touching my bare thighs. I was feeling good. He hugged me tight He started kissing me on lips. While kissing he removed my bra. I was feeling like heaven when my breasts were pressed against his body. Then slowly he went down to my breasts. He kept his mouth on my breasts and sucking them and pressing my round breasts. My nipples were erected. He was biting those nipples. I was moaning slightly and was feeling good. He slowly removed my panty.

First he started rubbing my pussy. “Aahh uhhh aaahh” i was in heaven only for that. He slowly guided his fingers into my pussy and was pushing in and out. Then he went down and he sucked my pussy.”aaah ishh” i totally lost my control. I caught his hair and pushed his head towards my pussy. He was sucking on and on. His tongue was going round inside my pussy. I was feeling it.

Suddenly he stopped doing and He then said “i sucked yours. And you should do mine” I felt awkward keeping his tool in my mouth. I said “Sir,no i cant do it.” he said “okay then. If you dont,then i will not do to you too”. He noticed me when I am enjoying his suck and caught me right there.

But later he told me to kiss it. I kissed. Then he told to shake and suck. I started sucking and shaking his tool. First i was feel awkward. Slowly i started enjoying it. I was gagging because his tool was so long. He was mouth fucking me. He took it from my mouth and told me to turn around and spread the legs. He slowly kissed me on the pussy and put his tool inside me.

I was still wondering that all this is happening.

He was moving in and out.”aah aah aah” i was moaning loudly. He grabbed my breasts and pressed them while fucking. I was moaning in pleasure. He was so good at that fuck. Then he laid me sideways and started fucking in that position. He slowly increased his speed and started slapping my ass and pressing them. I was feeling pain and pleasure at the same time

I was shouting “sir,slow aahh aah aah aah”. He didn’t lower his speed he was drilling. At the end he told me to suck his tool. I was sucking it like a slut. He was about to cum. He took it from my mouth and cummed on my breasts. Later we bathed together he put the soap on my body and pressed all my body. I did the same. I sucked his tool again. We got dressed up and he left. I was completely tired and slept. The next day he dropped me in the station. After that incident we had our fuck many times until my completion of my graduation. This was my unforgettable incident of my life which reminded me that i am not a small girl :)

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