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This is an encounter of my ‘night stand’ experience with my long distance boyfriend!

We weren’t dating since very long but both of us were sex addicts and it mattered to us the most! So he decided to come down to Mumbai and we decided to take up a room with the only intention that he wanted to bang me hard!

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He was the kinds who liked to dominate in bed and liked to indulge in a lot of sex toys and foreplay! And he had carried a lot of stuff to ensure a kinky night!

We started the night by drinking a little! He said I would need it to get through all the pain he was going to inflict on me! And so a few pegs of whiskey and a quarter of a vodka bottle down! I was in bed and a complete submissive to him!

He started by getting me naked and tying my hands with the strap of his bag’s handle! He then slowly took out each of the things he had planned to use on me that night! Which included clips that he used on my nipples! To ensure they were aroused! And ready to be licked! He then removed an apple that he stuffed into my mouth so I couldn’t scream! And the last and definitely not the least!

He took out a syringe that was a little bigger than the size of a regular dildo! With almost half an inch wide opening! And he showed it to me!

And said you know where it is going to go! I actioned towards my pussy! And he said! That’s just for starters! Later it will go into my arse! And I was an ass virgin! Not even a finger had ever gone up my ass! And this guy wanted to have something bigger than his dick and fucking dildo into my ass! I was sure I’d resist a lot and not allow him to do that!

He called the room service and called for ice and hot chocolate and asked them to ensure that it was extremely hot! And asked each of them to be delivered separately

I was surprised but could make little of what was going on in his mind! What he did now was evil!

The first time the waiter came in , he bought ice! Now he had freed me of the strap cuff on my hands and the clips! He asked me to wear his shirt but no undergarment and open the door to the waiter! And I did! I must say , I was petrified at first but I loved the idea of what he put me through! I was embarrassed and then crazily turned on!

Next He had me naked on the bed again! With my hands tied! And clips on my nipples and to make matters worse! Ice on the clips which was making my nipples freeze and left the door to the room open! He covered with me with a thin sheet and asked me to instruct the waiter to come in!

This idea in itself was so kinky! It had me oozing juices in no time! He himself had his in the bathroom and saw me all this while! The waiter had realised my condition and smiled and said ‘I hope you have a good night ma’am!

He then came out and mimicked the waiter! And said ‘ I am sure you’ll have a good night ma’am ‘.

Without wasting any further time! He started to lick me inside and out! He started by licking the sides of my pussy and then he just hovered his tongue over the opening of my pussy!

He wanted me to be more than wet before he would enter me! And he wanted to make me desperate for his dick! He kept licking it! Really slow and small at first! And then all the way in , deep inside later! He even pushed to fingers inside me! And kept fingering me really hard along with the licking! I orgasmed in no time! And felt my body tired already!

He said this was just the start! I told him I was very excited and nervous about what was in store next! And that made his evil mind run even more! He decided he wasn’t going to give in to my curiosity so soon!

He said he had made reservations for a party in a club. And we had to go! I told him I wasn’t carrying clothes and didn’t feel like going! He slapped me hard and said I’ve got you clothes and you have to come! At this point I really felt like his sex slave! The alcohol had completely got into my system and all I wanted to or could do was obey him!
He then made me have a few drags of some high quality weed! And that was it! I had given in to him completely!

He bought me a really tight skimpy black dress! Which revealed my body outline completely and was backless! He made sure I didn’t have undergarments on! So I went to a club! With no Panties and no bra! In a figure hugging dress! So everyone knew I was going to get fucked by this man!

We went into the club and he made me stand at the bar! He pressed me against the bar counter and made sure i realised he was hard and pressing his dick against my ass!
We then started grinding and I made sure to rub my booty against his dick and pressed his dick constantly!

I offered him a blow in the middle of the club and almost went down on my knees unzipping him! The idea of it was enough and he rushed me back to the room! He had grown so desperate by now! He kept humping me even in the lift! We reached the room! And I was expecting him to enter me immediately! But he had something planned and he wouldn’t have excused me of that at any cost!

He requested for the ice and extremely hot chocolate again! Only this time he took it himself! He got the ice cubes to me! Sat between my legs! Arranged me back into the rope and nipple clip setting with ice dripping on my boobs! And then! One by one! He inserted the cubes of ice into my pussy! I wasn’t expecting it at all and he did it suddenly in between of talking to me!

He pushed 3 such cubes and then took them out! He then slowly put one around his finger and fingered me! The ice made every part of me sensitive! I was moaning and squealing the loudest that I could! He spanked me and asked me to shut up a several times! He warned me that if I didn’t shut up he’d call all the waiters and ask them to fuck me too! I tried But the screams couldn’t help leave my mouth! He then got that out and licked off the ice cube! And I was oozing juices!

He then finally entered my sticky gooey pussy! Which made it even more painful! And I burst into a high pitched moan! He stuffed my mouth with the apple! And spanked my ass! And warned me not to scream! He began with slow strokes! And the all of a sudden he sped up and started fucking me like his slut inside out! I threw the apple and screamed! Begging for mercy and he was enjoying being the wild beast to me! He kept fucking me harder and in different positions!

He had me in doggy and that’s when I screamed the loudest! His wide fat and long dick was all the way Into me and I kept moaning! That’s when the hotel authorities called to ask if everything was okay! And mind you! We were in a room With no rooms beside us occupied (as he had requested) but we were so loud the guests had to complaint!

We didn’t stop. He kept fucking me and made it only worse! He slid 2 fingers in my pussy and then removed them and put them into my arse! I screamt again! I couldn’t stop moaning and screaming his name out loud! He kept fucking fingering and spanking and squeezing on to my boobs alternatively! I felt like a slut by now! His slut who was here only to get fucked by her master!

I could have fallen to the floor with all the fucking! But he wasn’t done! Keeping me in doggy position! And his dick up my ass, he simultaneously put the syringe up my pussy! Penetrating both my holes at once! And I felt numb! I didn’t know what was happening to me! But he showed no mercy and kept fucking my ass till the white liquid dripped out of it!

He then alternated the position of his dick and the syringe and fucked my pussy! To be honest , I had begun to enjoy it by now! Feeling like a complete submissive and his slut!

What was surprising he still wasn’t done! I was half unconscious! And then he fucked my mouth! It was daylight by now! I had been fucked like a whore all night!

He allowed me a little break till he got ready and called us breakfast.

We then had a bath together and he fucked me in the bath tub! He bent me over the tub and for 15 minutes mindlessly fucked me in and out continuously!

He finally shooted out his cum into my mouth and all over my body! He asked me to not touch it and left it on me all day! Just like that and said its needed for later in the day when he plans fuck me in public!

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