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Hello. I am Pralayanka Khatri. I am 22 years old. I work in an IT company in Bangalore. I have no fb or linkedin account and am virtually untraceable. Because of this I am using my real name. Last year, our team designed website for a 4 star hotel in the city. Due to this we had remote access to their systems and could easily see the list of guests staying at hotel.

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At this stage, I was a virgin and had deep curiosity about sex. Initially, I used to satiate my sex drive by seeing porn and masturbating. But lately my urges had increased and I wanted to feel the real thing.My parents were looking for a boy for me at my native place but any prospect of marriage was far away.

The hotel provided paid wifi to its guests and we could see which guest had visited which site. I had observed that a particular guest named Ramesh Bhatia visited sites such as Bangalore escorts etc. He used to stay in costliest suites and ordered lot of costly wines and food in night. He was 47 years old as per PAN card submitted during check in. I got a feeling that he was a rich person looking for sex.

One day, I saw a mobile sim lying on road. Suddenly, an idea came to my mind and I picked up the sim. I inserted the sim in my mobile and found out the number by sending message to my other number. There was a balance of 12 Rs in the mobile. I charged it with Rs 200. Then I sent a SMS to Mr Bhatia from this new sim:

We supply young girls for companionship. Kindly reply if interested.

2 hours later Mr Bhatia replied: Yes. I am interested. What type of girls you have?

I replied:

A fresh girl of 21 years is available now. Girl is fair and virgin also. No prior experience.

He replied: Good. Send me a photo on my email I went to bathroom and took some naked selfies below the neck. I created a fake gmail id and sent the pics to Mr Bhatia.

Few minutes later he replied:

Girl looks good. I will give 1000 for one night.

I had seen the escort websites and knew that girls looking as good as me cost at least 15000. So, I replied:

Girl is virgin. At least 30000 is payable.

He replied:

If you are willing for 20000 then send the girl to room number xxx of xx hotel in one hour. I will pay at the room door to girl herself.

I replied: Ok.

In 30 minutes, I reached the hotel and went to his room. I rang his bell. I had worn jeans and tshirt. He opened the door and knew who I was. He was in bathrobes. He handed me a bundle of 1000 Rs notes which I counted and put 20000 in my purse. As soon I put the money in my purse he pulled me in. I put my purse on the table.

He asked me if this was my first time. I replied in affirmative. He gave me a choice whether I wanted rough or nice. I replied that I will do whatever he wanted.

Within a minute he offloaded my clothes. Then he fell on the bed and pulled me too. He removed his bathrobe beneath which he was naked. He asked me to spread my legs. Then with force he inserted his erect penis inside me. I felt a lot of pain. He kept on pushing and I gripped him tight.

In 4 5 minutes he shot his sperm inside me. I realised that I could become pregnant. After sex, he took me to bathroom and took shower with me while kissing my body.

After shower, we both dried our bodies and he asked me to suck his penis. I had seen that in porn and knew how to do that. However, due to his body smell, I started choking. So, he took me to bedroom and took out a condom. I wondered why he did not wear that before.

I was asked to suck again. This time it was pleasant because condom was chocolate flavored. I sucked him for 15 to 20 minutes after which he ejaculated.

By then the condom had also lost its flavour. He then wore his bathrobe and gave me one too. Then he ordered room service for Rum. When rum came, he took delivery from the door. Then he offered me a glass and we both drank a little.

After drinking he removed my robe and pressed my breasts for 5 minutes.

Then he inserted a finger in my vagina and I started getting a pleasing feeling.

After doing this he entered me and we did sex for 15 minutes before he ejaculated. Then he wore his clothes and asked me to remain naked.

He started TV and simultaneously kept pressing my breasts. He put on star movies channel and watched the movie. When a kissing scene came, he became erect again. He took out a condom from side table and I automatically started to suck him. After this he felt asleep.

I also went to sleep beneath warm blanket. In the morning he rose me and asked me to take bath etc. I took bath with him. He was not erect now. Finally he asked me to leave. I thanked him and said he was not rough at all.

Hearing this he smiled and asked me to become a bitch. I got on all for thinking he would take me for behind. But he was spent already. He pulled down my jeans and panty. Then he spanked me till there were tears in my eyes.

He then asked me to go and said that is enough rough for me. Before leaving he asked my name.

“Neha”, I lied and closed the door. That day was Saturday. I was limping because of the sex. I went to a mall and shopped to my heart’s content.

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