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Losing My Virginity With My Boyfriend At My House

by nayarkitti ⌂, New Delhi, Monday, August 22, 2016, 11:43 (149 days ago)

Hi, I am new here and this is my first sex story. My name is Riya, I am 19 and have figure 32-26-32.

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This story is about how I lost my virginity at my own house with my boyfriend karthik who is 20. We had a relationship of 6 months and we were very close to each other. We used to have sex talks late night talks and we want to have it but were not getting perfect place for it.

Suddenly my family have to go somewhere and due to some reasons I was not able to go with them. So my family went up in early morning so I ask my bf to come there early only so that neighbours could not watch him out. He came with a bag because he told at his home that he is going for his friends marriage. Just as he reached my house I just closed the door and hugged him tightly and we have a liplock:-P :-P then I made him sit in the hall and offered him coffee and I went for a bath.

And after some time I came back in my top and shorts. He was very happy to see me like that he just wanna to hug me but he was trying to stand I just pushed him back on the sofa and I just sit in his lap and we have a really long smooch. Then he stand up with me and then he made me stand against the wall and kissed me over my neck and then we both move to my bedroom he pushed me on my bed and then he switch off all lights and made the room dark as he love to romance in dark.

Then he came on me kissed me;-) and moved his hands over my back and stomach slowly which was making me crazy then he removed my top and I was in my black bra and shorts he then my pressed my boobs slowly slowly and then hardly.. Then he removed his shirt and he was upper nude now.

He was kissing me madly over my neck shoulders stomach hands. Then he removed my bra and started sucking my boobs like a baby I was pressing his head on my boobs I was just enjoying the moment.

Then we both sat facing each other he was rubbing my pussy :-D :-D over my shorts and I was pressing his dick over his lower then I laid him down on bed and I was over him. I just slowly removed his lower then removed my shorts and I laid down over him and I was feeling his dick over my pussy it was becoming harder and harder and I was going more crazy.

Then he came over me and made me laid down with my back above and then removed my panty and then pressed my ass and then removed his underwear too and then he touched his dick on my ass and it was hard hot it was like burning rod he just rubbed his dick over my ass and back. Then I was just mad I just reversed now we were facing each other and his dick touched my pussy nudely.

Then he start rubbing my pussy with his hand and then my hands move over his dick I can feel the blood running in it and it was becoming large slowly slowly then he asked me to cover his dick with a condom but I just wanna to do without condom so that we can feel it directly.

He then spread my legs and kept my legs over his shoulder and then start rubbing dock on my pussy. I was out of control and asked him to put his dick inside my pussy he then opened the mouth of my pussy with his hand then start inserting his dick slowly and slowly inside my body I can feel the hot dick then I just started feeling pain as it was my first time and tears started rolling over my eyes then he just stopped saying that he cant see me crying and asked me to some other time but I just want to feel him inside my body and I just asked him to fuck me that time only then after sometime he agreed and then with a hard push his dick:-D :-D entered half in my pussy I just screamed but he kissed me so hard that my voice could not come.

Then he just gave another hard push and his dick was all inside me I can feel it I was having a strong pain but the feeling of his dick was much then the pain then he saw blood all over the pussy and on bed he just kissed me and laid down on me. After all the pain was decreased and start giving me slow pushes and he was kissing me and pressing my boobs with his hands.

Then slowly slowly he increased his speed and I was moaning faster asking me to fuck me harder and harder after nearly 20-25 minutes he stooped and said that he has to deliver the sperms out I asked him to deliver in my pussy but he was afraid might I could become pregnant but I convinced him saying I would take pills then he delivered his hot sperms inside my pussy and I was feeling just like heaven then he laid beside me.;-) ;-)

After some time I take stood to take a bath but I was not able to walk properly then he took me in his hands and we both moved to my bathroom and we were having shower and during bath I just wanna to have one more session then I just made his dick hard once again and he fucked me in bathroom under water once again in standing position then we both came out dressed up and then had lunch together and then we slept hugging each other… What happened after I will tell you in my next stories. Till Then Please Visit Here for More Fun -

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