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My Sexual Encounter With My College Senior

by veraphillipi ⌂, United States, Tuesday, August 30, 2016, 06:26 (141 days ago)

Hi I am Ashritha from Chennai f21, studying engineering in one of the most reputed college in Chennai. My brother and I were in incest relationship for the past 3 years, after we got bored with our sex life we wanted to try something new so me and my brother went on for a threesome with one of my brother’s friend. Indian sex stories readers would have read those stories before and those stories were written by my brother vijay.My brother insisted me to write about my sexual encounter in my life .since he compelled me so much am writing this story. Readers who wanted read our incest relationship can read my bro previous story “Sharing my sister with my friend”

When I was 17 I never thought I would fuck my brother, when I was 20 I never thought I will have my brother’s friend dick in mouth. But it all happened. I dint look for any sex outside these two men as they themselves satisfying my sexual life to the fullest. But as you know you never know where you life takes you. When I joined my college one of my batch mate troubled me a lot in the name of love. He was not a good looking guy I din like him. He always follow me where I go. I was very disturbed.

When am coming in college bus he used to touch my butt ,when I stare at him he winks me and say I love u. Some days ill be walking in the corridor suddenly he comes of a near by classroom and bang my boobs with his chest. He was going out of control.

I dint reply to it. Next day when I went to college he came near to me and said “Am so sorry ,yesterday I was drunk I dint know what I did. Only in the morning I came to know that I have send you my Dick pic. Am sorry”

“Hmmm. Is that yours .?” I asked him .He dint expect these words from me. He thought I would yell at him.

“Ahh .. what.. yaa .. yess .. yesss…do you like it..?”

I smiled and left the place. Am sure my smile is enough to make him crazy .That day at night again I got a msg from him followed by a video. It was him standing nude. And in the video he was jerking. Ohh god, when I saw his video I wanted to yell at him come on Ajay put your dick into my mouth the video was so good. It was a three minute video where at the end he cummed. Even this time too I dint reply .He called me many times but I dint pick.

Next day in college again he came running towards me. As he was gasping for breath I asked him “Now what,even yesterday you were drunk uh..?” I said and smiled

“No no ,yesterday I was in my full sense. Did you liked it ..?” He asked

I smiled and replied “ Chi..Naughty” and left the place.But he followed me and asked shall we meet.

“Where will you take me ajay.?” I asked him

“I have my friends home no body is there we shall go there”

“No no am not coming to anybody’s home.We shall go to a movie or for a long drive if you want” I told him and gave my killer smile again.

Next day I wore a blue jean which white shirt. I was looking damn cute. Ajay took me to a flop movie where there was only about 30-40 people most of them where couples. He has booked one corner seat for us. Once the movie starts Ajay started to come close to me “I never thought I will have u, A gal like you for me is an unimaginable thing” As he said he smooched my lips for which I pushed him and smiled.Ahh not so soon..

“Why ,you don’t like to be kissed ashritha ? “

“Ahh I like ,I wanted to give you something big” I told him and removed my two buttons of my shirt and then slipped my bra down to have him look my boobs. My boobs are small but I still a guy can hold it and play with it happily, my nipple is brown in colour.

The moment he came near my boobs I pushed his face again from me.

“Ill allow you to suck my boobs..But you should suck it for 20 minutes continuously and you should not smooch or kiss me” I told him and closed my shirt again.

“Don’t don’t,ill do as you say” he told and came near my boobs.

I looked around for one time to check anybody seeing us. No ,none were seeing us .It was dark.

My one hand was combing his hair and other was inside his pants .And I watching the movie .His dick It was big than I expected. I felt his pubic hair it was so thick my fingers couldn’t go inside. I wanted have it in my mouth.

“Get up ajay, Lets go .” I told him and pulled his head out .

“So soon, only half an hour has passed” He told angrily .

“You want to suck my boobs only. Don’t you want me to do any other thing for you” I said and kissed him.

“Lets go to the car” he said and we started to leave the theatre. We started our car and ajay was driving it.As he was driving I put my hand inside his pant and started to jerk his dick . We passed through traffic but it dint stop me from giving him hand job.

Finally we reached a lonely place. No one was there.i asked him to remove his pants. Then I saw his whole black dick and his bush. I bent down and took the cock in my I loved the smell. It was a mix of sweat and dick smell. And the smell of his bush. I sucked it like a lollipop. I bite his bushy hair.My nose went inside his bush.He moaned in pleasure. Ahhhh do it ash…do it ahhh… I Know he was in heaven and I know how good I am in giving blowjob , I can seduce any guy with my lips and tongue.

I moved my head up and down.I sucked him hard. It was so tasty ,I liked the smell especially. I was giving him an hardcore blowjob . As am doing he held my head tightly ,I couldn’t take my mouth out of dick but still he pressed me so hard. I think he wanted me to take his whole dick into my mouth. I took a deep breath and then I too pressed myself hard into his dick .His dick was so big that it went inside my throat. It almost choked me,

After few seconds he released me . I took my mouth out of his dick and gasped for breath . My lipstick in my lips were erased, it was all over his dick .I took a tissue paper for the car and cleared my lipstick mark in his dick .Then again I bent down to take his dick ,Ajay pushed me again down to take his dick fully ,but this time I dint struggle like last time ,I was prepared for his full dick in my mouth. He deep throated me for 15 minutes .

Since he held my hair ,my hair was in total mess. I put a pony tail on my hair and then looked into ajay and sai “Fuck my mouth ajay. Hold my pony tail hair firmly and then push your dick into my mouth and fuck my mouth Ajay”

“Wow are such a whore , I never knew this” He said and bend me towards his dick and moved his dick in and out of my mouth. The whole car was shaking. He fucked my mouth nicely .

Finally he cummed in my mouth . I tasted it. But his cum has the same taste as my brother and his friend. Still I enjoyed it .

“Are you happy now ajay.? “I asked him.

“Oh it was heaven darling I loved it” He replied. I sucked again but aft cumming his dick become very small .I wanted to resurrect it with my lips but even after sucking it for another 10 mins it was still small. Then I told him to leave the place ,so we both left the place.All the way I was massaging his dick. He enjoyed it too. Finally he dropped me in my home and left the place.

Next day in college again he met me and said he enjoyed a lot yesterday ,lets go out tomorrow.

As I told you readers I dint like him ,I was with him only for his dick. Having tasted his dick he is not of any use to me. So I told “See ajay, I have your nude picture in my phone and your masturbating video .If you trouble me anymore ill pass your pics to whole of our college. Now you know why I never replied you .You don’t have any evidence against me. I also have screenshot of your numerous phone calls to me. If you trouble me any more I will complained to college.”

That’s it I he was blackened. From that day he never came near me. So my biggest problem finished in my college and I also tasted his black bushy dick. So as of now am happily having sex life with brother and his friend Vinoth.

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