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I have an athletic built and my best friend is small and lean.

We meet on university campus she was one year senior to me. Slowly we became best friends. But there was a sort of attraction from her which made me feel closer to her day by day and she felt the same.

It started first when she kissed me on my cheek and I was stunned. And then we started talking about sex and how it done and we grew even closer sharing such thoughts.

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Then we spoke about how it feels during a kiss because we didn’t know how it works. Anyway so we went further about the how it feels during sex and then we wanted decided that we will experience orgasms somehow.

So she came over and then we had our first kiss. She slowly moved her lips towards me soft and full and kept it on my lips I could feel her warm lips over mine. A sweet small kiss first staring into each other’s eyes.

I made the move and pushed my tongue gently into her lips. I could feel her warm soft tongue and we started sucking and kissing lost in the magical feelings it was our first time and that kiss was the best one till this date.

Then she slowly moved her hand under my shirt it gave me chills and sensation of shocks in my spine I did the same.

I unhooked her bra it felt amazing and then I unbuttoned her shirt while biting her ear , kissing her side neck and slowly moving down with kisses with a bit of hesitation.

As I opened her shirt I felt her skin so soft and arousing I played with her boobs experimenting and looking how she felt. With every move her breathe grew and she made a little moan it turned me wild.

I moved my lips towards her chest all around then suddenly kissed her nipples it made her moan loudly.Circled my tongue around her nipples blew a bit of air then again bit her nipples. It turned her on she pulled me closer and kissed me even deeper.

Then I moved all the way to her tummy and started kissing and I asked for permission if I could touch and lover her pussy. She agreed nervously I promised to be gentle with my hand.

So there it was wet , warm, throbbing to be touched. Unzipped her pant and removed it. Then first I moved my hand on the head of the pussy felt her clit rubbed it I remember she got up a little with the first touch it must be the best feeling for her.

Slowly followed down her pussy and it was amazing her breathing grew stronger I inserted my one finger inside. She was so tight so warm and so wet. She made a huge moan when I inserted my finger deeper and deeper. She told me to continue since I was concerned.

I held her hand wildly with my free hand and laid on her bare skin and kept inserting my finger first 1 then after a while I inserted 2 fingers to see her moan even louder by now doing all this even I was completely wet and I fucked her with my fingers till she shivered and squirted a warm liquid from her pussy. That was the most satisfying feeling ever.

Then we kissed and had a nap.

Then she wanted to do it to me too but she was nervous because I have heart issues. But we agreed to do it so I went over her place.

The moment out eyes meet I grabbed from her hand ran to the room and shut the door behind me.

We started kissing like crazy like we have been hungry since ages. In all excitement I opened her shirt expertly while kissing.

Then I slid open her bra too and turned her I opened my shirt and hugged her from back feeling her body with mine we felt more closer than ever. My hands feeling her boobs and she was feeling mine from her back. This all happened while we stood.

Then I lied her on bed and went on top of her kissing her every where loving every part of her soft warm body. She shivered from the sensations and broke into sweat then I moved my lips to her tummy but she stopped me and came on me. Sat on my tummy and started kissing my body. Her wet warm lips and tongue felt my body. Tickling and arousing me bit my nipples and moved her hand towards my pussy.

Initially I was shy but she said she loves me so I let her go ahead. She moved her finger on my clit I was wetter than ever.

She felt all the wetness I became crazy I wanted her to touch me more and more and then she suddenly inserted her finger in my tight pussy. It felt heavenly I was losing my breathe when she moved it inside she inserted 2 fingers it made me moan in pain and pleasure.

She kept moving her fingers in and out while I played with her boobs. Then I felt a big urge to pee but I couldn’t she said me to feel it more and she continued loving my pussy then finally I squirted the warm juices.

I wanted to kiss her pussy it was a sort of fantasy those days. So I pulled her to her back and removed her pants first slid my hand from her thighs to pleasure her more. Then I went down kissing from her boob to stomach then I placed my lips on her clit she moaned already.

Then I placed a long kiss and moved my tongue on her clit like I moved on her nipples she started moaning and breathing louder I let her relax a bit and moved down slowly inserting my tongue from top to bottom then I stopped at the vagina I wanted to taste it first.

So I licked the outer walls tasted the salty juices it turned on her. She kept saying to suck her vagina but I kept teasing and her and while teasing I shocked her by inserting my tongue in her vagina she made a shocking gesture and moaned loudly, it tuned me wild she wanted to stop but I held her both thighs and kept fucking her with my tongue and when I felt she is going to cum I lowered the intensity and then increased then while loving her vagina with my tongue I rubbed her clit till she reached orgasm. It was the best taste ever.

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