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This was a true story happened before two years when I was 40. I am a married women with a son of 19 years. I am working in Electricity Dept. in Kerala, India and my husband is having a garment shop. I was staying with my family in the quarters provided to me by my Dept. There were many quarters adjecent to ours which makes a colony and all the residents were working in the same Dept. My neighbour was also working with me.

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r families were very close and we used to go together many places. One day me and my neighbour went for a cinema. As my husband was busy in his shop, my neighbour's son (his name is Unni) who was 16 (one year younger than my son) took us for cinema. We took seats at the back row and Unni took the seat to my right side. As my neighbour was on my left side I was in the middle.

As cinema started Unni put his hand on the hand rest which was common for both seats. When he touched my hand I pulled my hand little back. I
was thinking it was caual and I started watching the film. After some time his
hand again touched mine I pulled again back and continued watching film. Third time when he touched my hand I felt he is doing it deliberately and when I looked at him he was watching film.
After some time he came little more closer so that our shoulders were touching together. I was in a confused stage what to do. By the time he holded my hand with his other hand and was massaging smoothly. Now I became sure that he want to make something with me.

Till that day I was just thinking he is just like my son. But that day he changed everything. I was wearing saree and blouse, traditional indian dress. He slowly moved his hand toward my stomach which was naked between my blouse and saree. He started to caress my belly softly. To avoid a bad seen I didn't reacted. Slowly his hand gone up and started to press my breasts over my blouse. I was getting slowly into the mood and started enjoying his fondling.

Since it was dark inside cinema hall and my saree was covered my breast even by friend beside couldn't find what was happening. After fondling my tits over my blouse for some time he tried to insert his hand inside my blouse from the bottom. I also adjusted my body little bit to make things easy for him. Since the blouse was tight and my boobs were of big size he took more than 10 minutes to take it out from blouse. He played with my nipples which was already erect. Since the saree was on top of my breasts nobody was knowing what he is doing under my saree.
I became very horny and I put my right hand on his thighs. He was wearing a shirt and Dhoti. I parted his Dhoti and hold his prick which was already hard like rock.

He slowly moved his hands down through my belly and inserted it though my saree an underskirt. I slowly raised my buttocks and sat in a slop way so that he can easlity insert his hand. When he touched my pussy, I really jerked. My friend asked what happened and I said nothing. The fact that she is sitting beside me without knowing what his son is doing with me made me more horny. He started fingering me and I also took his penis out from the panties, started to jerk it. We both were masturbating each other and were really enjoying. My friend asked something about the film and I answered something I don't know.

Unni started to use his two fingers and I also was jerking him fast. We slowly made our heads close and he kissed me on my cheek just below my ear and same time I came. I closed my mouth with my left hand to not hear my moans anybody near especially my friend. I pulled his hand slowly from my vagina and took it agin to my tits and continued stocking him fast. After 10 minutes he shoot his gum all over his Dhoti and my hand. After that also we continued fondling each other till the cinema ended. When we came out I was feeling shame to look at his face. My friend asked me whether I enjoyed the film and I answered yes. But when I was home I was geeling guilty since that was the first time I am cheating my husband.

Anyway after two days Unni came to my home when both my husband and son were out. He came without any noise while I was cooking in the kitchen. He came from my back and held my breasts from back and started kissing me on my neck.
I turned around and srated kissing him.I switched of my oven and we gone to the bedroom started undressing each other. The next two three hours I had the best sex in my life. After two, three meetings I also left my shame and we ejoyed the sex in all different ways and positions possible.

After six months my friend has been trnsaferred to some other place and her family moved to the new place. But this teenager gave me memories within this six months which enough to make me horny for the whole life. Now when I am alone and feel horny, I used the play the same cinema which was saw that day in my VCR and fingering myself to orgasm. Once he called me on telephone and asked me to fondle and finger to ecstasy and hearing my moans though the telephone he also masturbated.

He was the only one I had sex with other than my husband. I do not regret about what happened because this young man gave me everything what my husband could not. However I am not going to make sex with any body else. But I will not loose any chance if I get to have sex with this boy again.

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